By the way, whenever we use expressions like “if you will” or “as it were” or “if you like” or “so to speak” or “for lack of a better expression” what we are really doing is giving ourselves license to make up a word or expression – or at least to use a made-up word or expression. It’s called verbal immunity. Take this example: “Packer fans are excited by Mike McCarthy’s willingness to use trickeration, if you will”. Now, you may have noticed that many broadcasters/friends/coworkers/family just go ahead and use words like “trickeration” and other made-up expressions without disclaiming them with an aforementioned verbal immunity expression. This is called verbal illegality, as it were.


One Response to “Disclaimer…”

  1. “If you will” post filchified (if you like)? « packergeeks Says:

    […] sure if Steve was trying to use trickeration or just pilferation, as they were. Either way, read Disclaimer […]

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