My response to the “non-response”


Brother is getting worked up – so is cheeseheadtv. Just like when I was younger when Steve would verbally spar with my parents, I find myself unable to resist the urge of mediating here to make sure all parties are ok.

I don’t have as critical an assessment of yesterday’s game as Steve. I think the Packers played well. However, in the interest of research, I have gone and found evidence in 2 of Wilde’s articles for both sides of this debate. For cheeseheadtv’s argument, Mike Wahle, former Packer said after the game: “They’re a better team than they ever were when I was here, we never had a defense like that when I was here. That’s the difference.” He wouldn’t say that if the defense played as badly as Steve says they played. On the other hand, Charles Woodson said “But we got a little relaxed late in the game and let a team make some big plays. We can’t allow that to happen”. He would not have said this if it weren’t true and if there weren’t obvious examples of let downs.

Again, overall, I think the Packers did put out a good effort and when the game still mattered, they made some stand-up defensive plays and had the offense running smoothly. While I agree with Steve that Carolina put out a weak, Steve Smithless team with limited talent, they are still coached by a very good coach (though his decision to punt in the 4th quarter at the 50 yard line was a horrible one) and they were 4-1 on the road playing through other injuries prior to their Lambeau visit.

That said, I’m definitely excited for some of these upcoming games against some bonafide opponents. While these games will be a challenge, for the first time in 9 years, I am feeling more and more confident that somehow, someone will step forward and have a huge day to help us win.

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