Drew Olson from ESPN radio’s the D-List


This morning on his excellent radio show the D-List on Milwaukee’s ESPN radio, host Drew Olson made a very good point about the relationship between special teams and the overall quality of a team. He said that when a team has poor special teams, it’s a sign of a lack of depth. He’s absolutely right. I think about some of the Sherman teams and then I think back to the Holmgren teams. The Sherman teams had mediocre to bad special team units and the Holmgren Packer teams had quality special teams units. Ron Wolf did an infinitely better job of building depth for Holmgren that Sherman did for himself.

Ted Thompson, a special teamer himself in his day, has put some degree of emphasis on special teams in the draft and free agency (see Frank Walker, Desmond Bishop, Tracy White, Tramon Williams, Koren Robinson) and it is starting to pay off. Good special teams play is indeed a sign of depth and the high quality play of our special teams unit this year clearly illustrates that.


One Response to “Drew Olson from ESPN radio’s the D-List”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Great post. Of course, what sunk Sherman is trading up so many times for players that ended up busting. Not only did he get dud players, he wasted picks that could have been used to stock his team with talent.

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