Disagree with bro’s Upon Further Review Post


I think Steve is wrong assessing the Carolina game. While I agree that a higher quality opponent like Dallas might have exposed us in certain areas or made more of a game out of this, I disagree that it was a somewhat lethargic performance. It was a strong performance and the game was over in the first 15 minutes. Period.

I am not concerned that DeShaun Foster ran all over our defense because he was doing that when they were way behind. It was either 28-3 or 28-10 when Carolina went on their long, time-consuming drives. I’m sure our defense was more concerned about giving up a quick TD because of Carolina’s passing – and they should have passing to catch up. Now, the 2 long pass plays weren’t ideal, but again, the game was already over.

Strong performance by a strong Packer team.


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