Good for Schottenheimer


More good stuff from Jason Wilde. Secondary coach Kurt Schottenheimer demanded an explanation for all of the holding and pass interference calls on his guys.

“(NFL vice president of officiating) Mike Pereira (or) somebody’s got to explain to me what the hell (is happening),” Schottenheimer said. “Just tell me what (defensive players) can do, because we’re not changing. We’re going to be what we are. We’re a bump-and-run team.

“Look, I’m not trying to take all the responsibility off us. It’s clearly on us. But … Clearly, we have to ask ourselves, ‘Are they looking at us differently than they’re looking at somebody else?’ ”

Mike McCarthy, while taking responsibility for penalties the Packers commit, implied a double-standard in his press conference on Monday.

It’s a concern, especially the number of them. It’s frustrating too. Because there’s some of them, you don’t know what to tell your defensive players. Everybody knows we play man-to-man, we’re at the point in the season, really in the second year of our defense, and you are attacked each week with certain types of pass plays, a lot of them we refer to them as cross country, crossing routes, and pick plays, blatant pick plays, and things like that. We’re running into some situations where we feel the defender has established his territory and there are collisions there. Some of them have gone against us of late, and I’m hopeful that they’ll balance out.


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