Accountable for our picks…


As amateur prognosticators, we feel all prognosticators should be held accountable for the picks they make. When we’re right, we’ll gloat – when we’re wrong, we’ll come clean. So many “experts” make terrible picks and often do so with an off-putting bravado that should make them look ridiculous when wrong (for example, Sean Salisbury). However, because there is so much focus after each week’s games on the upcoming games, nobody holds these people accountable. Well, here at packergeeks, we will make it part of our mission to call those morons out.

Here are some highlights from last week:
Bengals at Bills (-1.5) – 11. Cincy is seemingly out of it and playing that way. But I’ll say it right here, the Bills could make the playoffs – most of their losses have been close and they’ve had some decent wins. Watch the Bills Ochenta y Tres – over 200 yards receiving this weekend (83 Evans had a huge game…)

Seattle at Cleveland (-1.5) – 9. Cleveland is not given much respect. They are good and I’ll throw them in with the Bills as another possible playoff team. How Seattle is 4-3 I’m not sure (maybe because Hasselback’s sister in law is hot?) “”

Baltimore at Pittsburgh (-8.5) – 3. What? This spread is really high. Baltimore on a Monday night with Billick and McNair won’t go down without a fight. Oh, and Pittsburgh, while good, is a bit overrated right now.

Dallas at Philly (+3.5) – 12. Philly at least covers and maybe wins this one.


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