Week 9 Spread Picks and Confidence Points

  1. Carolina at Tennessee (-4.5) – 12. it’s looking like Testaverde won’t start and Carr has begun to bother me tremendously. I’ve never seen anyone so consumed by his looks – he’s always playing with his hair. I’d bet $100 he gets manicures and uses colognes, soaps and hair products that “invigorate”.
  2. Denver at Detroit (-3.5) – 6. How will the Kitna naked flap play out? Travis Henry is back this week so I can see Denver making it a game early (unless Henry is so stoned he runs for snack vendors instead of the end zone) – then Detroit finishing them off.
  3. San Diego at Minnesota (+7.5) – 7. San Diego may be without Shaun Phillips and/or Jamal Williams but MN continues to be without a quarterback – Jeff George coming back? Seriously? Actually, to be fully accountable, I’m on the record telling Steve that Tarvaris has a bright future in the NFL – we’ll see…
  4. Jax at New Orleans (-3.5) – 13. It’s no secret I like home teams. Not sure how Jax won last week, but 2 weeks in a row w/a new quarterback? I don’t think so.
  5. Wash at NY Jets (+3.5) – 4. I don’t like this game. The Redskins are a good team, but I originally had picked the Jets here (simply because I always have one poorly thought out pick) – if L Coles doesn’t play Wash could run them over.
  6. SF 49ers at Atlanta (-2.5) – 13. Hard to put confidence at all in either team (especially after Atlanta mysteriously jettisoned one of their only good players in Grady Jackson). But the 49ers are reeling and I am hearing faint calls for Mike Holmgren to come home.
  7. AZ Cardinals at TB Bucs (-3.5) – 5. Arizona will be refreshed after their week off and Kurt Warner will light up the Bucs. Gruden will have multiple face contortions.
  8. Packers at Chiefs (-2.5) – 15. If I’m McCarthy, I point to the spread for motivation. Arrowhead is a tough venue, but this is too much. Watch Grant run for 150 this week and McCarthy will then say, “he’s a good football player playing in the National Football League here on football Sunday playing on the offensive side of the football holding a football while he runs…football…football…”
  9. Bengals at Bills (-1.5) – 11. Cincy is seemingly out of it and playing that way. But I’ll say it right here, the Bills could make the playoffs – most of their losses have been close and they’ve had some decent wins. Watch the Bills Ochenta y Tres – over 200 yards receiving this weekend
  10. Seattle at Cleveland (-1.5) – 9. Cleveland is not given much respect. They are good and I’ll throw them in with the Bills as another possible playoff team. How Seattle is 4-3 I’m not sure (maybe because Hasselback’s sister in law is hot?)
  11. Houston at Oakland (-3.5) – 14. Has anyone seen if Culpepper still does that stupid arm thing when he scores a touchdown. If I were Lane Kiffin I would cut him the second he pulls that arm thing – just cut him right there on the spot.
  12. New England at Indy (+5.5) – 8. Brady wore a beret or something like it in an interview last week – some might argue he’s too cool to even be ripped on for doing that – I’d argue anyone wearing a beret needs to be ripped on. 
  13. Dallas at Philly (+3.5) – 12. Philly at least covers and maybe wins this one. Dallas is very good but Romo is mixing with dangerous company going out with Britney Spears. Problem is, Philly fans are so lame and difficult to understand – do they love McNabb (as evidenced by his jersey being one the best selling Philly jerseys ever) or do they hate him as evidenced by the booing and negative talk surrounding him. I don’t like McNabb at all, but give him 2 good receivers and I think you’ll find the guy is good.
  14. Baltimore at Pittsburgh (-8.5) – 3. What? This spread is really high. Baltimore on a Monday night with Billick and McNair won’t go down without a fight. Oh, and Pittsburgh, while good, is a bit overrated right now.

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