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Jimmy Robinson on Koren Robinson

October 28, 2007

Interesting interview last night on NFL Sirius Radio with wide receivers’ coach Jimmy Robinson. First, the news. Asked whether KRobinson would be taking over kick return duties, JRobinson said: “Oh, I think so…I think that’s an area without a doubt where Koren can help us.” This is not a surprise, of course, since Robinson went to the Pro Bowl as a kick returner. But it’s the first specific thing I’d heard from a Packer coach about his role.

JRobinson said that he didn’t know whether KRobinson will be activated for Monday’s game — same thing we’ve heard from the coaches all week. Ruvell Martin told reporters that he injured his back a couple weeks ago and tweaked again early this week. KRobinson would likely be activated if Martin cannot go.

JRobinson said KRobinson gives the Packers another dimension when he plays WR. “He had a knack for making plays — even when one wasn’t there.” JRobinson talked specifically about a play in Detroit in which the pocket collapsed, Favre scrambled, KRobinson lost his defender and made a spectacular one-handed catch.

JRobinson also gave a strong endorsement to Greg Jennings. “From the very first time we met him after the draft, there was a sense that he belonged,” said JRobinson. “He is very smooth, very natural and a very fast learner…It seemed like he knew what we were doing right from the beginning.”


I still like Jim Bates

October 27, 2007

Jim Bates would have been a good coach for the Packers. At the time of McCarthy’s hiring, I was frustrated Bates was not selected. He’s a good guy, a firey leader and someone who knows football. After this week, I wish him the best of luck holding opposing offenses. However, after 1.5 years under McCarthy regime, I’m impressed by McCarthy and am gaining insight into why Ted Thompson picked him. He has a creative offensive mind and our offense behind him will continue to develop quickly as players become more comfortable with his apparently huge variety of offensive plays.

Koren Robinson

October 27, 2007

Packer beat reporter Lori Nickel had an interesting chat the other day at the (It was only available to Packer Insider subscriber — a service that’s worth the money.) She is taking a wait-and-see attitude about the return of Koren Robinson. He has apparently looked rusty in practice and has has a hard time hanging onto the ball. Nickel says that Robinson is “at best, an Andre Rison addition.”

My expectations for Robinson are bigger. But more important — what is Andre Rison up to these days?

Andre Rison has been busy recently, as he was a featured Pro on the second season of the physical reality game show Pros vs. Joes on Spike TV. Rison was also on the popular wrestling series, TNA Impact! While on an episode of the Spike TV professional wrestling program, Rison was in the ring with announcer Don West talking about his role on the show Pros vs. Joes. They were then interrupted by TNA wrestler Abyss. While Rison tried to extend his hand to Abyss for a handshake, Rison received Abyss’ finishing maneuver, the Black Hole Slam (kayfabe). Rison had to be helped from the ring during the commerical break.

Wow. We’re checking to see if he’s okay. We’ll report back.

Liveblog Coming

October 27, 2007

Big game Monday night against the Broncos. At 5-1, the Packers face two important contests in the next two weeks — both on the road. Denver looked very good against Pittsburgh last Sunday, especially their defense — despite giving up 28 points. It took Jim Bates, Denver’s defensive coordinator, a long time to fully implement his scheme in Green Bay. I like the guy and thought he would have made a good coach, but I’m hoping his defense is not yet coming together in Denver.

In any case, I’ll attempt my first live blog Monday night. It might be awful, but that will be due in part to the fact that it is not possible to buy PBR light here in near Annapolis, Maryland. (Anyone know which other Packer legend — I’m including myself — currently lives in Annapolis? No, it’s not Mike Wahle…)

Who Are We? Why Are We Here?

October 27, 2007

Welcome to  Our mission is simple: We want to run the Green Bay Packers.  This website will allow us to compile in public a long record of our decision-making for the hiring board when Ted Thompson retires.  And along the way if people find our views compelling, infuriating or just interesting, that’s great too.