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Wynn, Grant

October 30, 2007

DeShaun Wynn is injured. Again. Maybe the guy just has terrible luck. But it’s hard to believe with all of his various dings that he’s not just a little soft.

The good news. Who cares? Ryan Grant has 76 yards on 12 carries. If I’m not mistaken, that’s the best single-game performance of any Packer RB this year. It’s not yet halftime.



October 30, 2007

Is it possible to have dumber ads than Miller Lite? What morons. This is an actual line from the ad with the annoying, not-remotely humorous guy from Scrubs. Miller Lite is “the yin and the yan, the bada and the bing of light beer.”

Can’t you just imagine a group of Madison Avenue admakers — sitting around a conference table, all wearing black mock turtlenecks and interesting-people glasses — coming up with this? Do any of them drink beer? No. They drink white wine spritzers or scotch — the drink preferred by people who want to seem sophisticated. They think that such stupidity appeals to those of us who drink beer because they’re certain that we’re stupid.

They’re stupid. And so is Miller for continuing to go with those ridiculous ads.

Ryan Grant

October 30, 2007

He looks pretty good. When I first learned about the trade for him with the New York Giants, I did a Google search and found a Giants fan site. Apparently, Grant had a very nice preseason and these Giants fans were beside themselves that they let him go. Hard to know whether that’s just ridiculous training camp enthusiasm — Andy still believes DeMond Parker is better than LaDanian Tomlinson — or whether they saw something we should be excited about. Still, a couple nice runs so far.

FWIW, Parker was released by the Toronto Argonauts in June. No LT, eh?

Rock Your Body

October 30, 2007

Mark Tauscher introduced the Packer offense. “Starting at left tackle: The President of Justin Timberlake‘s fan club, Chad Clifton.” Classic.

Big Turnover

October 30, 2007

Denver fumbles on the GB one-yard line. Nick Barnett recovers. Replays show that Denver guard Chris Kuper knocked the ball out of Cutler’s hand. Nice break.


October 30, 2007

79-yard touchdown pass from Favre to James Jones. It’s important for its own sake, of course, but also big to stretch the field. Jones beat Champ Bailey on the pass with a quick stutter step move and then basically ran a fly down the sideline. Bailey couldn’t catch up.

Offensive Line Changes

October 30, 2007

Gred Bedard reports that Jason Spitz is starting for Scott Wells (sinus infection) and Tony Moll is starting for Junius Coston. That could complicate McCarthy’s plan to run all night.

The Atari Bigby Drive

October 30, 2007

Yes, yes — football is a team game, blah, blah, blah. Atari Bigby gave the Broncos 15 yards on a late hit penalty and then kept the drive alive with a pass interference penalty on third down in the end zone. Bigby has been a huge surprise this year — a significant upgrade over Marquand Manuel and Mark Roman, before him. But that drive is on him.

Denver leads 7-0.

First Offensive Series — Three-and-Out

October 30, 2007

Favre audibled from run to pass on a 2nd and 6 and threw a rocket to Greg Jennings…which Jennings dropped. It hit him in the hands. Obviously, we cannot afford too many of those anywhere, but especially on the road.

Woodson on Punts

October 30, 2007

I don’t understand why Charles Woodson is returning punts. If he had Devin Hester-like elusiveness that would be one thing. He doesn’t. He’s a very average return man and he is a crucial player on our defense. Plus, he’s fragile. I would not be surprised to see Woodson hurt on a punt return before the season ends, leaving us with Jarrett Bush opposite Al Harris. That would be scary.