McCarthy loves “football”


We were listening to the pregame interview before the Packers/Redskins game a few weeks ago on 620 WTMJ radio. In an interview with McCarthy that couldn’t have lasted more than 4-5 minutes, he used the word “football” some 14 times. I have since noticed in articles quoting McCarthy that this was not an isolated incident. (Check out the post-game transcript from Monday night after the game.) Though this was a relatively mild performance, he managed to use it in 9 times here. I go back and forth thinking maybe he should use the word football here and there considering he is an NFL “football” coach. But then again, maybe we all know what sport he’s involved in and the repeated “football”s are unnecessary? It seems to be used as space filler, perhaps when McCarthy is trying to think of what to say next. I like McCarthy more and more with each win, but keep an ear out for his crutch word “football” in the next interview.


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    […] still loving “football” Earlier in the season, we wrote here about how Mike McCarthy, when addressing the media, is a frequent user of the word […]

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