Jon Kitna, Naked…


Or close anyway.

Last fall, Lions Defensive Line Coach Joe Cullen pulled his SUV to the drive-thru at a local Wendy’s, just as any hungry Michigander might. Well, not exactly like anyone else. He wasn’t wearing any clothes, which prompted the young woman preparing his order to call the police. He was arrested for indecent exposure. A week later, he was pulled over a second time and arrested for drunk driving.

When Cullen met his players to explain himself, he did not bare his soul. But comments from the team afterwards made some observers wonder if Cullen, in fact, coached in the buff. According to an article in USA Today, “the defensive linemen insisted they could see Cullen the same way they had before.” Yikes.

Earlier this week, Kitna was one of several Detroit Lions to attend a Halloween Party to benefit the Mike Furrey Foundation. He had a creative costume that might exacerbate the natural tension that exists between the offense and defense. Video here.

Does Joe Cullen have a myspace page? I guess not, but it’s worth a visit anyway. (And, yes, it’s all work safe.)


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