Where are they now?


Over the last couple years, I have heard more and more comments by local and national reporters and “experts” saying Favre should hang it up, that he was being selfish by not announcing he was going to come back earlier, that his talent has diminished, and most recently, that perhaps his arm was getting weaker. It is this last issue I am bothered by most. After the Redskins game, a few local reporters when interviewing Favre clearly wanted to provoke him by asking Favre if he’s lost arm strength. These reporters may have been just trying to make a story, but this clearly ticked Favre off. It was pointless, sensational journalism. Favre had one bad game where he struggled to throw the deep ball (and for anyone at that Redskins game, I was there, they’d know that it was nearly impossible to grip your beer due to cold temps and an incessant rain). Last night’s game should silence these morons. Favre threw 2 perfect, deep balls last night against arguably 2 of the best 5 corners in the game for huge 80 yard touchdowns.

Favre still has it and for all of you people who jumped off the bandwagon in the last couple years and quietly tried to get back on this year, I see you…I see you…


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