Ryan Grant


Steve did say at the beginning of the season that he thought the Grant pick-up might be a sneaky good one. Steve also got info on Grant by going to a Giants’ fan website which illustrates pretty clearly how much of a dork Steve really is. I haven’t seen someone roll right through defenders like Grant did last night since the early Ahman Green days. It was refreshing to know that even a busted blocking play would lead to 2-3 yards at least by virtue of the fact that the guy seems to get yards just from falling over.

Still, I think McCarthy got a little conservative again by shifting to the run at times when I was thinking pass. The most concerning moment for me was the Packer’s last drive in regulation with the Pack up 13-10 and having 3rd and 8 or something from the Denver 48. I would have done a quick tight end pass there to pick up the first down. Instead they ran a small gain to set up the punt. It seemed that before that series of plays, McCarthy must have decided to just be content playing the field position game. But I was not pleased with that because that put the game in Denver’s hands to some extent and they had plenty of time. I would have liked to have seen a bit more aggressiveness at that moment.


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