Here They Are…


“Where are they now?” Good question. I remember listening all off-season to NFL experts — many of whom are no more “expert” than anyone reading this post. Favre was washed up. He didn’t have arm strength. He was sacrificing the Packers’ future to set records. Blah, blah, blah.

No one did this more than Solomon Wilcots, a CBS NFL analyst and co-host of “The Afternoon Blitz” on Sirius NFL radio. In fact, to promote the show over the summer, Sirius used a clip of Wilcots mocking Favre as overrated. His claim? That other mediocre quarterbacks could have thrown as many touchdowns as Favre if they’d been allowed to play through as many interceptions. Wilcots implied that Favre would have been benched if he had played for any other organization. The entire time his sidekick, Sirius host Adam Schein, yukked it up.

On several occasions, Schein also argued that the Packers should cut ties with Favre and said Favre was selfish for sacrificing his team.

This, from the guy who authored an article in September with the title: “Have Faith in Rex Grossman.” Schein began: “The Chicago Bears will once again be in the mix this season to win the Super Bowl. Which means that once again all eyes will be thrust upon every move that my guy Rex Grossman makes. You read that correctly. My guy, Rex Grossman…Book it — Rex Grossman is going to have a much more even season, throwing for 25 or more touchdowns, while leading the Bears back to the playoffs.” And in July wrote: “Rex Grossman will have a very good 2007 campaign and lead the Bears back to the playoffs.”

In any case, this is the tip of the proverbial iceberg. More coming later…


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