And here…


David Steele, of the Baltimore Sun, wrote this after Favre’s awful game in Baltimore back in 2005. “It was a big, long swallow of reality for everyone who still clung to the memories of the Favre from a few years ago. This is what it tastes like to be washed up, the flavor of two Super Bowls, countless comebacks and inspiring triumphs now all gone.” When Ravens QB Kyle Boller met his hero on the field after the game, Steele continued, “he should have given Favre his autograph.” Ummm, right.

Vito Stellino and Bart Hubbuch, beat writers in Jacksonville, Florida, pronounced Favre the NFC’s “most overrated player” after the 2005 season. Favre “is way past his prime,” they wrote. “It’s time for Favre to retire.”

Andrew Wagner, in a column for, said Ted Thompson should release Favre if the Hall of Fame quarterback did not leave on his own. “Favre can step down now and be remembered for all of his glories. Or he can keep playing this child’s game and go down in history as the Iron Man who didn’t know when his time was up.”

His time was up?


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