More Picks…


After going 3-11 last week against the spread, I don’t think it’s a good idea to post my picks on the site. I’m certain I’ll regret this. Picks are in bold – and the amount of confidence points I have for each game are here too…

Week 8
*Indianpolis (-6.5) at Carolina – 13. Indy is rolling sort of under the radar. By the way, Indy’s success hinges largely on Bob Sanders. If he should be out this week or any other, an Indy loss becomes more likely.

*New York Giants (-10.5) at Miami [Ed: In London] – 14. Miami can’t be this awful and the Giants, while decent have a tendency to puke a few games under Coughlin.
*Detroit at Chicago (-4.5) – 9. I want Detroit to win because I don’t like the Bears and have felt the Bears have been overachieving now for years. But I don’t think the Lions will pull it out.
*New Orleans at San Francisco (+3.5) – 4. Not so sure here, but am banking on a big day from Brees.
*Philadelphia at Minnesota (+1.5) – 8. I don’t like Philly and McNabb’s overconfidence. I would like to see them buried this early in the season. And Peterson is the real deal.
*Pittsburgh at Cincinnati (+3.5) – 12. Upset special. Pittsburgh is good, but not that great. Watch for Cincy to march up and down the field on them putting up 40 points.
*Cleveland at St. Louis (+3.5) – Upset special #2. I believe Jackson is back and St. Louis just can’t continue to be this bad at home. (I have a huge bias, but I do think Cleveland’s drafting of Joe Thomas was very smart – they are already a better team because of him).
*Jacksonville at Tampa (-4.5) – 10. Don’t like putting this much on this game, but with Quinn Gray, as cool a person as he is, I just don’t think Jax will produce enough offense against a resurgent Tampa D.
*Houston at San Diego (-12.5) – 15. Aggressive here, but San Diego is back (and I feel somewhat compelled to jump on their bandwagon now considering I have SD and Dalls in the Super Bowl this year).
*Oakland at Tennessee (-7.5) – 13. I have trouble figuring out what Oakland is all about. I thought it would be their defense, but that’s not panning out. Look for the Titans to play their inspired Jeff Fisher ball and handle Oakland.
*Buffalo at New York Jets (-2.5) – I like Buffalo as a team and feel for them somewhat. I think they have a talented young QB too in Edwards. I have picked the Jets every week this season due to my fading obsession with Chad Pennington. Because of that, I am prepared to watch the Jets win by 30 because of 400 yards passing.
*Washington at New England (-16.5) – 5. Not confident here. I saw the Redskins be a game opponent when I was at Lambeau a few weeks ago and their secondary with Taylor and Landry is scary. If they can’t at least slow NE’s passing game, nobody can.
*Green Bay at Denver (-3.5) – 7. I always pick the Packers so no surprise here. But I think this will be a low scoring affair unless Bailey’s out and our spread offense takes off.


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