Packers looking shockingly unprepared yet again

September 14, 2014 by

Ugh. What is going on here. For the second game it looks like the opposing team is far more prepared that we are. And that’s on McCarthy. Come on fellas – get into this game. Have some intensity and make some plays. So far only Tim Masthay looks like he’s ready to play.

Rodgers looking weak again

September 14, 2014 by

That sack was on Rodgers as he got out of the pocket too casually. And then the throw on the next play wasn’t really close. Come on Rodgers.

Can’t believe Jets just threw over the middle

September 14, 2014 by

That was a terrible defensive play right there. Hawk was sucked in toward the TE and Hyde didn’t cover his man. Seems like another team that will likely exploit the middle of our defense.

Wow – horrific start

September 14, 2014 by

What was that? Friend Mike and I were talking earlier this week about how TT doesn’t seem to value centers a whole lot. We’ve had a number of different centers over the past 5-6 years and I think centers are critical to the flow of the offense – and for the QB.

Packers/Jets Preview

September 14, 2014 by
  • I don’t like the Jets. I don’t like Rex Ryan – never have – and I sure have enjoyed watching them fade most recently.
  • The Jets are going to be…annoying…because they follow their annoying leader. They are led by a defensive coach who like many defensive coaches, seems to favor a run-heavy offense. The Jets will try to pound the ball on the ground with Chris Johnson and Chris Ivory. Seems like it would be the smart thing to do considering some consider this a “dream matchup” for the Jets offense (or any offense for that matter).
  • But today, for some reason, I see something different happening. Especially with Brad Jones out of there. I think Lattimore steps in with some of the nastiness both Jones and Hawk lack and makes a difference. While getting through the first level of our D will likely still be relatively easy for their RBs, I’m guessing the Jets won’t totally destroy us on the ground. And of course, if Capers is smart, he’ll stack the D to force Geno Smith to beat our quality CBs through the air.
  • If Geno Smith goes off and has a huge day and the Jets put up 30 points, it will be shocking. So stack the box and limit the run.
  • Rodgers needs to redeem himself. I read a number of articles reviewing the Seattle game and a surprising few were willing to call out Rodgers for his performance. I don’t like that. I thought Rodgers played really poorly. Just because he’s the team’s unquestioned leader and best player, that doesn’t mean he’s above criticism. As I’ve written earlier this year, Rodgers should be in his prime and he should start having the kinds of dominating performances that set him apart from the rest – and I expect a good bit of that this year. Last week he should have stepped up and brought his considerable game to the level the game required and he just plain didn’t. Last week’s game is right up there with some of his earlier games when he hadn’t quite figured stuff out. Not good.
  • I think the Jets will have particular problems with our running game today. Even though(or perhaps because) I think McCarthy’s focus will probably be on unleashing Rodgers and the passing game, I think the Jets might really struggle with knowing how many guys to commit to the run etc. I’d also like to see any RB who gets a hot hand get more carries. I know Lacy the lead guy and I have no problem with that. But if Starks or Harris are busting some nice runs, they should get a few more carries.
  • McCarthy better call a more creative game than the one he called last week. I’m still surprised that with an entire offseason to plan, McCarthy called such a boring, predictable game. If he doesn’t up his game, I’m actually concerned the Jets could beat us. One key to our offense today is spreading the ball around. Rodgers didn’t throw it to too many different guys last week and it hurt us – as Seattle could play a very simple, cheating-forward defense to contain us. Rodgers, like many QBs, is at his best when the defense genuinely has no idea where the ball is going.
  • This will be the first game when we see Peppers’ true value to the team. I think Geno Smith is going to be pressured into making multiple mistakes – particularly by Matthews and Peppers (and possibly Lattimore too) –  and I can see the Packers coming away with 3-4 turnovers in this one.
  • I see the Packers turning things around in this one and winning 34-17. I will say this though – if the Packers can’t comfortably win this game, or worse, they lose, the team could be in real trouble.

Seattle’s Michael Bennett is absolutely right

September 5, 2014 by

Read here. He essentially claims that the Packers were afraid to tackle Lynch. I think he’s right – though I also think lack of ability was a strong factor too. Perhaps an odd comment to make after a nice victory, but Bennett is right.

Packers/Seahawks Game Review

September 4, 2014 by
  • Rodgers sucked tonight. It’s not often I have to write that but that’s just the truth. Fans will always be quick to defend him but there is no defending some of the decisions he made tonight. He wasn’t focused and he made several decisions that simply ended drives. At least 2 times he could have run for an easy first down but instead he made bizarre passes that weren’t even close. He also seemed to lack that sixth sense he usually has to avoid guys and make plays out of nothing. He needs to wake up and the coaches/fans need to hold him accountable. I also was not pleased with Rodgers yelling at our rookie/back-up center in the first half when Rodgers ended up having to call a timeout. That was, dare I say, Marino-esque…and that is not a compliment.
  • Mike McCarthy sucked tonight. He got things going nicely very early on in the first drive with the no huddle and the sense of urgency but then he seemed to just drop that. Some crappy play calls to kill drives in the first half combined with Rodgers being out of it really cost us. McCarthy/Rodgers never once stretched the field so Seattle’s quality defense knew they could simply cheat forward and never worry about the deep pass. For any defense, that makes the game super easy but for a defense like Seattle’s – it can make the game laughable (which is what this game became). McCarthy seemed to expect a tight game so he just called a super conservative one almost to keep it to that. What’s really sad though is that McCarthy had many many months to come up with more creative plays than the crap he called tonight. Just seemed ill-prepared. It wasn’t until that last ditch 4th quarter drive that the team looked like it had prepared something.
  • Tim Masthay was really bad tonight. Not sure what that was all about.
  • The middle of our defense has been bad since Desmond Bishop left (and then it was only OK) and if TT lets it continue on like it is, there is no chance we even make the playoffs. Honestly. Lynch (and even Turbin) did whatever he wanted to do, Wilson scrambled and passes were completed over the middle. Hawk is the slowest guy on the field by a huge margin and Brad Jones has NEVER been good as a Packer. We need two interior D Linemen and two ILBs. We should make a trade this week. I’m not kidding. But what is frustrating is that we’ve known this for years and nothing has been done about it. I picked the Packers to win the Super Bowl mostly because I thought opposing teams would need to play catch-up a lot but now I’m really starting to think the middle of our D is so much of a weakness that we may not be able to ever establish a good lead on anyone.
  • Clinton-Dix was interesting tonight. He missed several tackles he should have made (including one that led to a TD) and he dropped an easy pick. Yet, he had a fumble recovery and was in position to make several tackles that would have been huge – and the pick. Probably just rookie issues. He seemed to play a lot though – which I found interesting.
  • Injuries now are going to hurt us – concerned about Bulaga and I just heard Lacy got another concussion. Not good.
  • One thing I notice about Eddie Lacy is that defenses seem to succeed against him when they turn him sideways – toward the sideline. Yes he has some nice spin moves and sometimes gets yards using those great moves or sheer brute force – but for the most part once he’s running parallel to the line, he suddenly looks really slow and becomes ineffective. This is what Seattle did to him tonight.
  • Another concern was that the Packers offense seemed to be about either running or throwing to Cobb or Jordy. I guess Quarless had a few catches but really, what makes Rodgers so effective usually is that he can and will throw to anyone. No fullback screens or random completions to guys we’ve barely heard of. Just very little creativity.
  • I do think we missed having James Jones tonight. Seattle’s pass D really only had to watch 2 guys. 
  • One Packer was ready to play tonight – James Starks. He ran his tail off and was effective. He made something out of nothing several times and generally just seemed ready for the season to start. Just can’t say that for the other guys.
  • Nick Perry played OK at times too – I should say. (And Datone Jones made a few plays as well.) Perry had a few quality plays that left me thinking he should get a shot at playing ILB. He can’t possibly be worse than Jones. Move Jayrone Elliott into Perry’s present OLB back-up role and move Perry to the middle. Or put Elliott in the middle. Or…anyone.
  • I reject the idea that Seattle was just too tough – and that the Super Bowl champs are just that good. I don’t think they are. There was a time in the game when I think a better team than the Packers could have attacked Seattle and built  decent lead. I think Seattle and the cocky and obnoxious Pete Carroll will get blasted a few times this year.
  • My Packers/Super Bowl pick is looking pretty iffy right now. After watching the game tonight it dawned on me that really, the only substantial move we made in the offseason was picking up Peppers. While I still contend that was a good move and I still think he will make a positive difference, I think I just got swept up in the moment or something when making that prediction. How can this team do anything with such a huge hole in the defense? Just not gonna happen – especially if Rodgers isn’t at the top of his game.

Matthews was held massively on that play too

September 4, 2014 by

Can’t believe that wasn’t called. Jones is still an idiot though.

Why is Seattle throwing the ball?

September 4, 2014 by

Really. It just doesn’t make sense. Run out the clock. The Packers can’t stop the run and the run runs outs the clock.

Why is Rodgers acting like it’s the first half?

September 4, 2014 by

I’m expecting a bit more urgency here. I’m glad we scored – and that was a good drive but Rodgers burned more time than necessary on that drive.


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