Officiating weak so far

November 23, 2014 by

That penalty on Hyde was no worse than the 3 the officials missed for us before.

Vikings playcalling smart here

November 23, 2014 by

Keeping the ball out of Rodgers hands and running against us is definitely the way to go. So far they are managing reasonably well on offense. We need a turnover to jumpstart things some here.

Why didn’t we challenge Lacy’s run

November 23, 2014 by

Looked like he had a first down.

Bridgewater just missed two passes…

November 23, 2014 by

That Rodgers would have completed. So hard for a team with an iffy QB (or young QB in this case) to compete nowadays.

AJ Hawk is so slow it’s crazy

November 23, 2014 by

Funny they talk about Rudolph not being 100% yet Hawk lagging 10 yards behind the guy. Just unreal how slow Hawk is.

Not a good opening series

November 23, 2014 by

Surprising the Rodgers essentially had two broken plays where he bought tons of time and couldn’t capitalize. Odd really.

Packers/Vikings Preview

November 23, 2014 by
  • I’m trying to get myself to be nervous for this game. Playing at Minnesota is never easy – dome or no dome. And I respect Mike Zimmer perhaps more than any Vikings coach in years. But I can’t get nervous. I don’t think this will be a great game.
  • Here are the things to watch for – can Mike Zimmer dial up enough defensive playcalls to disrupt the momentum of our hugely potent offense. The Vikes D has been very interesting this year going from practically dominating games to laying down and getting crushed. I have a concern that they will be fired up and have a good game plan which will make things difficult…for a while. But eventually I think their D will be overwhelmed.
  • The other possible issue today could be the Vikings run offense vs our defense. With Nick Perry out and Matthews likely drifting back outside (though not sure about this), it is possible the Packers could really struggle defending against McKinnon and their new RB Ben Tate. I am guessing the story of the first half is the Vikes keeping it close with a quality run game and the Vike’s D confusing Rodgers a bit. But come second half I think the Packers will come out and crush the Vikings.
  • Packers 37, Vikings 13.

Game Thoughts Packers/Eagles

November 16, 2014 by
  • Great game to go to today – just fantastic.
  • Played out as I thought it would – Pack gets the lead and then just let Sanchez be Sanchez. The guy was bad today. Even on passes that were completed it was often because his guys made good plays. 4 turnovers – not surprising.
  • Rodgers and the offense were awesome. Cobb was especially difficult for Philly today. He had another shifty move at one point leaving the DB looking silly. I love it when he does that. But what I really like about Cobb is that he just plays the game. He isn’t ridiculous and doesn’t over-celebrate etc. He just makes huge plays and then acts like that’s what he should do.
  • McCarthy set up some pretty cool plays today. There was one 3rd down play – can’t remember if it was 2nd or 3rd quarter, but Rodgers threw it ultimately to Adams using Cobb and Nelson as perfect decoys. The design of the play was so good that I knew it would be a first down before Rodgers even snapped the ball. Great play design.
  • Nelson was dragging out there the entire game. Right from the first series, he seemed to be dogging it. Could have been partly that he was sent deep a number of times, but even before he ran a bunch of those longer routes, he was just tired. In the third quarter, Rodgers had a busted play and was rolling out right and even motioned for Jordy to cut his route (running left) and cut back right for Rodgers to throw it to him. Jordy has probably done that 100 times but he just plain stopped running in the middle of the field and Rodgers threw it away. Not sure if the broadcasters mentioned anything about it but Jordy didn’t look right tonight.
  • Lacy’s TD run on the screen was every bit as good at the game as it probably seemed on TV. He was first hit at the 16 yard line and somehow ambled into the end zone. He was awesome to watch – though not as much in the first half.
  • Capers has been calling some good games recently. He has made smart positional changes (especially with Matthews) but he also seems to be far more dialed in when it comes to knowing what the other teams will be bringing.
  • The defense was really good tonight. Of course, I really think playing with a big lead early makes things much easier because it puts pressure on the other offense. Chip Kelly did the smart thing by trying to stick with the run even as the game seemed to be getting out of hand but he had no chance with Sanchez back there and with the game Packers defense. The D has been tackling better, especially like seeing multiple guys closing in on the ball and finishing off the play. They were opportunistic today and preyed on Sanchez’s Cutleresque tendencies.
  • Overall another great game. At the risk of over-hyping things here (especially considering we were just blown out a few weeks ago), but these Packers are starting to finish off teams kind of like how the 1996 Packers did. Remember how that team would just handle teams? I like it when we take the lead and don’t let up. McCarthy’s tendency in the past has sometimes been to take his foot off the accelerator – but he hasn’t been doing that this year as much and we’ve just pummeled some decent teams as a result. I love it.

Packer/Eagles Preview

November 16, 2014 by
  • Packergeek @ Lambeau today.
  • Two words: Sanchez turnovers. He has played well as an Eagle, but the real Sanchez will come out today as the Eagles fall behind.
  • Now, if the Eagles stick with McCoy and run a lot, the Packers could be in trouble. But I expect the Packers to build a lead because the Philly D is iffy. They will struggle to stop our offense.
  • If Foles were playing, I would not be as bullish on the Packers. But Sanchez has Cutler-esque qualities that will spell trouble on the Eagles.
  • MVP today: Julius Peppers.
  • Packers 34 Eagles 20.

Fascinating Fact – Packers not playoff-worthy

November 11, 2014 by

If the playoffs were to start today, the Packers wouldn’t qualify – and the 4-5 New Orleans Saints would host a game. Read here from Gregg Easterbrook at ESPN for more on the NFL’s questionable playoff system.


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