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Nice TD

November 9, 2014

Glad we went for it there. Smart.

Late hit on Lacy too

November 9, 2014

Unreal. Briggs hit him Lacy right in the head. Ridiculous.

Personal Foul there

November 9, 2014

How that wasn’t called against the Bears on Nelson I don’t know. That was bad.

Packers/Bears Preview

November 9, 2014
  • After the Bears meltdown vs the Patriots I was pretty confident heading into this game that the Packers would easily win and we’d see the customary 3-4 foolish turnovers (mostly by Cutler). Then I read that Lang and Sitton might be…sittin’…and considered the Bears desperate situation and worried they could come up and surprise us. I also thought about how badly we got crushed by the Saints. Well, ultimately when I heard Sitton, Lang and Burnett will be playing and I thought about the fact that the Bears are really 1 stupid mistake from a total team mental meltdown – it wasn’t hard to go with the Pack.
  • Getting after Cutler will be key. He no doubt is aware of his history against the Packers and if he has a competitive bone in his body (not sure he does), he’ll want to come out and prove the growing legion of naysayers wrong. But whenever Cutler presses he messes up and I just can’t see things going any other way tonight.
  • If I’m McCarthy my first priority is to get Rodgers to connect with a bunch different players. Yes getting the running game going is always important but I think if we can get TEs, RBs and FBs involved in the passing game in addition to WRs, that’s when Rodgers is so incredibly difficult to defend. We should essentially just borrow the game plan New Orleans used to totally render our defense helpless. I had absolutely no idea where the ball was going when Brees dropped back. That’s the sign of a great offense.
  • I want Peppers to have a huge night. He’s starting to make more noise lately and starting to make the TT’s rare free agent move worthwhile. I think he’ll be fired up to take down Cutler…who wouldn’t be!
  • While I don’t think the Bears will be able to hang with us probably starting mid-second quarter, it is a big game for them, it’s the prime time game and they have Matt Forte – who will once again be a problem for us. And they have Martellus Bennett who has come on impressively – could be a real problem for us tonight. There is a small chance this ends up being a really good game and an even smaller chance the Bears pull it out. But I really don’t think that’s going to happen.
  • I’m looking for our defense to have a special showing tonight – we’ll give up yards and points but I think we’ll keep them out of the endzone effectively and have some solid turnovers.
  • Packers 34, Bears 20.

Great video of all of Cutler’s picks vs Packers

November 7, 2014

Click here.

Several things of note:

  • Wow, I miss Nick Collins. Such a good player.
  • Cutler, as we all well know, has a serious problem in big games. So many of these picks have come at super important moments in super meaningful games.
  • Best part of this video is it is 5 minutes long…

Game Thoughts Packers/Saints

October 26, 2014
  • I knew we were going to lose this game. Too much at stake for the Saints and our defense cannot and will not compete against high octane offenses. The D had a few good showings recently but I just don’t think they just aren’t good enough to hang with good offenses.
  • I hope Rodgers hamstring issue really improves over the bye week. It’s pretty apparent what things are like for him when he can’t roll out or scramble a bit. He’s still good of course but he is one of the best QBs throwing the ball on the move…ever. It is such a fundamental part of his game that when it’s not available to him, it’s a problem.
  • The Saints offense is that good. Brees does what Rodgers does when Rodgers is playing well. As a defense, you have no idea who is going to get the ball on a given play. It’s brilliant offensive game planning, spearheaded by Sean Payton and executed primarily by Brees.
  • Manning, Rodgers and Brees are the elite guys in the league right now. And as much as I hate to watch us lose, watching Brees is pretty fun. He’s a smart player, always scanning defenses and making the right calls. He’s a lot like Rodgers in that respect.
  • The Packers players should go out tonight, have a good time on Bourbon street, forget about this game and have a good time getting away from football over the bye week.
  • After that 1-2 start, I have to say I’m not terribly concerned about this loss. I think it was a fairly telling loss – if we can’t execute in the red zone and have to settle for FGs, our defense is just not good enough to keep us in the game against the better teams. I think we all knew that.

Adams looking really good tonight

October 26, 2014

I like to see it – it is huge that we have a 3rd WR step up and give Rodgers more options.

Terrible 4th down play call

October 26, 2014

Why would they call a run (first of all – Saints were all in the box on that one) – but especially a run to replacement Lane Taylor’s side. He got used, predictably. Maybe Rodgers is just hurting too bad right now.

Don’t like that call by the officials

October 26, 2014

I agree with Michaels and Collinsworth – that should have been a first down for Adams.

Rodgers is really struggling to push off

October 26, 2014

His throwing motion seems a bit compromised because of the hamstring issue.


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