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October 2, 2014

That is ridiculous. I realize the game is out of hand but they were 7 yards from the endzone. Weak.

Please take Cobb off of punts

October 2, 2014

I know the game is not over but I don’t like him back there anyway. What if he were to get hurt doing that?

Defense ready today – wow

October 2, 2014

I realize that we’re playing an extremely limited offensive opponent – but it is still refreshing to see the defense play like this. Lattimore has brought a needed presence to the middle of the field. I still think the Vikes could exploit the middle of the field more than they have but the D came to play tonight and the team looks really good overall.


October 2, 2014

has to be so excited right now.

suddenly packers shoddy tackling kicking in

October 2, 2014

Way too easy

October 2, 2014

Where is the MN D? Wow. Nice route by Nelson.

defense ready tonight

October 2, 2014

Though again, not sure why MN doesn’t just run up the middle on every play. No need to get cute for them on offense,,,

nice drive

October 2, 2014

thought we’d go run heavy tonight.

Packers/Vikings Preview

October 2, 2014
  • The Vikings did two things this past offseason that I thought were smart: they named Mike Zimmer the coach and drafted Teddy Bridgewater. In the next few years I wouldn’t be surprised if this team starts to compete for NFC North supremacy.
  • In fact, the Vikings are already a legit team. Just by having Zimmer (and even without standout defensive personnel), the Vikings will be able to pull off some impressive defensive performances. And they already have this year (holding the Saints to 20 points in New Orleans). But being a young team with a player leadership void, I think quality defensive performances are likely to be followed by some questionable ones. In other words, consistency will be an issue.
  • Last week the Vikings (mostly the offense) beat up on an only OK Atlanta team. Bridgewater was very impressive in his first action and the RBs went wild. Again, I imagine that we’ll see flashes of brilliance from MN for a few years and when they finally have a bit more talent all around, the team under Zimmer will compete for NFC North titles.
  • But the Vikes are not there yet.
  • The reasons why I think the Packers will smash the Vikings may not seem to add up at first. But stick with me here.
  • The Packers will beat the Vikings mainly on the strength of the Packers up-til-now quiet running game. This is the game where Eddie Lacy will go nuts. I am positive that McCarthy has focused on the running game for tonight (probably in part because of the expected weather), but also because he knows that the Packers offense needs another dimension. I also suspect that if Lacy isn’t getting it done, Starks will get a shot. But I think the Vikings will be so focused on covering the passing lanes and accounting for Nelson/Cobb that they will struggle to manage the run game. Lacy will run wild tonight.
  • What about our weak defense and the gaping hope in the middle of it? Won’t Asiata and McKinnon exploit that all night long? Yes, they will – as most teams will. But I think the difference tonight will be that the Packers will come out again with some intensity and get out to an early lead which will eventually put Zimmer in the uncomfortable position of having to let Christian Ponder throw. Last week was the first week that the Packers looked ready to play. They came out with intensity and despite a pretty poor showing by the defense on the game’s first drive, they came right back and answered with an offensive TD. Teams will struggle when they fall behind us. Also, I don’t expect Ponder to do much damage tonight. In fact as the 3rd string guy who has barely had any 1st team reps, if he does ANY damage it will be a tribute to the coaching staff. But I expect him to struggle making it a bit easier for the Packers D to load the box and finally stop the run.
  • Eddie Lacy 170 yards and 2 TDs. Rodgers 250 yards and 1 TD. Packers 27, Vikings 10.

Fascinating pregame stat

October 2, 2014

True to Dom Capers apparent desire to focus this year on limiting opposing teams’ passing games – the Packers rank, very surprisingly, #3 in the NFL in allowing the fewest yards per game through the air. #3. Shocking. It is NOT shocking, however, that the Packers run D is dead last giving up 176 yards per game on the ground. When Chicago started going away from the run last week, we had the game won. I know they were behind but that was a foolish decision. No way were we going to stop Matt Forte – or anyone going through the middle for that matter. Though I have to say tonight – for some reason – I think we will finally do a good job against the run. Doesn’t make sense but I believe this for some reason.


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