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December 21, 2014

Matthew Stafford potentially throwing away Detroit’s chances for a nice playoff seed. How can they be tied with Chicago and Jimmy Clausen!?!?

Is Pepper out there today?

December 21, 2014

I know the D has been tough but he’s been super quiet. It’s time for him to disrupt. Nice-just forced a throwaway.

Tampa offense seems very disorganized

December 21, 2014

It’s interesting for a team to seem this out of sorts so deep into the season.

Just as I write that McCown throws a hail mary pass that is miraculously completed. This is so ridiculous that we are only up by 10 points right now.

Should be about 24-0

December 21, 2014

Not pleased that we’re only up 10-0 here. Defense has come to play but our offense keeps sputtering out at inopportune times. The last drive was decent and I am liking the no huddle on 3rd downs making it really tough for Tampa to make substitutions and catching them a bit off guard. I like that and it should continue but we should need to get into a better rhythm still – and we need to take some deep shots.

I love the no huddle on 3rd downs

December 21, 2014

That is really smart. Too bad Adams has become a liability.

Outside of scoring points…

December 21, 2014

…the defense couldn’t be doing more to force this to be a lopsided game. Now come on McCarthy – get these guys in a rhythm will some smart playcalls. Stretch the field a bit – take a shot deep for Jordy, throw a screen, get Quarless and Kuhn involved in the passing game.

Offense not in good enough rhythm

December 21, 2014

Frustrating to watch this. I knew Crosby would miss that. The offense needs to do WAY more to not only pull out a victory today, but to have any hope of doing damage in the playoffs. I know Rodgers is hurt (and he’s playing overall like he also has a concussion), but a great playcaller would help the QB adjust to an injury that may be limiting his mobility. If nothing else our O-Line has been playing so well that I’m sure they would respond to a call to protect the pocket to give him time to throw.

Tampa’s D also came to play

December 21, 2014

But I get a feeling that they aren’t going to be able to hang in there at this level for long. A couple nicely executed plays by our offense and I think they may start to get discouraged and fade a bit.

Packers D definitely prepared today

December 21, 2014

I am encouraged by this big-time. I know Tampa’s offense isn’t a world-beating offense but they have talent and so far our defense is playing so well that it has helped buy some time for the offense to get things in gear. The offense still has a ways to go to get into a good rhythm, but I sense that’s about to happen here.

Awesome run by Lacy

December 21, 2014

Wow. That’s part of what makes him so special – one guy (and a big guy at that) had no chance with an arm tackle and Lacy just ran through it for a great TD run. Very nice individual effort right there.


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