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Rodgers two bad decisions in a row

September 21, 2014

Just bad. What is he doing out there? On that Quarless play why didn’t Rodgers run the ball? He just sat back there with plenty of space to run and chose to try to thread the needle to Quarless. I don’t mind throwing to Quarless who has been open a bunch today but either that was a bad pass or Quarless wasn’t as open as I thought. Bottom line is that Rodgers should have run that ball.

That 4th and 5 decision to throw to Nelson was a really bad one. The chances of completing a pass like that were very low and he didn’t have to throw a 25 yard pass when we just needed 5 yards. I would have liked to have seen a playcall on either 3rd or 4th for Rodgers to just run – on a naked bootleg or something.

Bad decision by Lacy there

September 21, 2014

He could have cut inside but went parallel to the line again. Poor decision.

Finally going back to Quarless

September 21, 2014

Detroit’s secondary is focused on Cobb and Nelson. Quarless has been wide open all day. Keep throwing to them.

Who had the edge there?

September 21, 2014

What? Hawk was, as usual, sucked in the wrong way and Hyde totally missed his assignment there. Two terrible plays. One of the problems I’ve noticed is that because Hawk is often the only ILB in the game for some reason, Hyde ends up having to kind of serve as the other ILB. I don’t understand this lineup. It doesn’t work. I feel like Hyde isn’t a bad player but he’s often playing out of position and it makes him look really bad. That doesn’t excuse that play – Hyde was bad and Hawk was way too easily fooled.

Packers offense just pathetic

September 21, 2014

Short, quick passes with a couple deep ones to stretch out the D. I go back to those 2 passes in a row to Quarless that were very effective. Why stop that sort of thing? On the next play they handed off Lacy for another zero gainer. Go with what works and stick with it until it doesn’t. Go back to short passes and get the TEs involved.

Ok – stop running the ball

September 21, 2014

It’s clear our offensive line isn’t up to the task. It’s just sad. stop running the ball now.

I like Harris coming in here

September 21, 2014

We need a different look. I wouldn’t mind Starks getting more carries too but Harris has a lot to offer and should be getting this opportunity.

Huge play by Peppers

September 21, 2014

Wow. That’s why we picked him up. Just a huge play – and he had the wherewithal to then pounce on the ball. Just huge. Nicely done.

Really concerned about the Packers passing game

September 21, 2014

Except for the 3 quarters vs the Jets, the Packers’ passing game has been weak. It is the part of this team that should stand out and instead, again except for 3 quarters last week, the team has now gone 7 other quarters suffering from mediocrity.

Lattimore is so much better than Brad Jones…and Hawk

September 21, 2014

at least in this game. Wow.


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