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Rodgers is amazing

October 19, 2014

I feel bad that I sometimes sort of take Rodgers for granted because we’re all just so accustomed to watching him play at this level. But the way he has played since telling us all to “relax” is truly, historically impressive.

Capers calling a great game

October 19, 2014

Give credit where it’s due – Capers has been awesome today.

Repeat of the Vikings game

October 19, 2014

Wow. This is an impressive effort. Fun to watch.

I like to see Kevin Dorsey in there

October 19, 2014

They really seem to like that guy.

Running game really solid today

October 19, 2014

And Panthers defense looks really bad. Great run there by Starks.

Packers defense ready to play today

October 19, 2014

I like seeing this. Really are pumped up and playing a sensible scheme. When Newton is pressured he often makes mistakes.

Nice play action

October 19, 2014

We need more of that.


October 19, 2014

Nice play. We need more of that from him.

Packers/Panthers Review

October 19, 2014
  • Cam Newton could be a problem today. I’m guessing they’ll call a number of QB keepers for him. They should. Stopping him in the middle of the field will of course be a problem.
  • I think the key to this game though will be getting Eddie Lacy going. Newton is playing well enough to want to keep him off the field. Winning time of possession and keeping our defense as fresh as possible will certainly help in keeping Newton under control.
  • I see an energetic effort today from the Packers for some reason today.
  • Packers 26, Panthers 20

Ok – hope Packers didn’t make an offer for Harvin

October 18, 2014

As more information comes out about the Harvin situation, it really seems like he was a major headache in Seattle (causing fights, being a div…o?. And as readers have pointed out the contract would have been difficult to absorb. Verdict – not worth the headache.

But the main impetus behind my last post was a look at matchups. While I’m somewhat pleased with Davante Adam’s last game and I hope he can really develop fast, the truth is the Packers have 2 reliable targets in the passing game and need a 3rd really good one, I believe, in order to go anywhere in the post season (if they get there). Right now there is way too much pressure on Aaron Rodgers delivering perfection each game – especially with Lacy’s contributions being irregular. Another really good target would relieve lots of pressure.

One option may be Jeff Janis – I’d like to see him get an opportunity here.


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