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Packers D okay today but

December 14, 2014

tackling has been an issue. Gotta wrap and take down. Clinton-Dix had another costly miss today earlier on.

Gotta say

December 14, 2014

The Packers really couldn’t be playing worse, Rodgers has never looked this bad, we’ve gotten burned twice on special teams and somehow – we’re still tied 10-10. The halftime speech should have been one where McCarthy just says “guys, that was awful – you couldn’t play worse. Get your heads in the game and take it to them in the second half. Blow these guys out – we’re that much better. Come on”.

Get Hawk out of there

December 14, 2014

It’s like the Bills noticed Hawk was playing more so now they’re going to run up the middle. Get him out of there.

Why is it that…

December 14, 2014

every game in the last few minutes of the first half do we have zero timeouts left. It’s really annoying. Today that’s costing us probably 3 points.

Masthay MVP today

December 14, 2014

Nice punt.

These are the kinds of games where having no TE options hurts

December 14, 2014

Quarless isn’t a reliable enough option to be a consistent threat and it really hurts in a game like this. We need someone who can go up the seam and be a threat there to split the defense. We don’t have that option and it’s hurting us today.

Yes, the Buffalo defense is quality, but we are playing down several notches – just like Rodgers has tended to do against Seattle. They are good but our offense is better than those defenses and we shouldn’t be struggling like this.

This is the worst game I’ve ever seen Rodgers play

December 14, 2014

Unreal. So hard to imagine what’s going on for him. Really really weird. He’s 7 for 21 right now.

This officiating is CRAZY

December 14, 2014

The Bills guy Pears ran over and pushed out guy – and we got the personal foul. This officiating crew has been bad today.

Great pick by Tramon

December 14, 2014

Though a pretty bad pass by Orton.

Masthay with a big kick there

December 14, 2014

That was a big kick in a tight spot. Nicely done.


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