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Awesome run by Lacy

December 21, 2014

Wow. That’s part of what makes him so special – one guy (and a big guy at that) had no chance with an arm tackle and Lacy just ran through it for a great TD run. Very nice individual effort right there.

Adams really slumping

December 21, 2014

Ever since dropping that critical would-have-been TD against the Patriots, Adams looks really bad. Not just bad, but really bad.

These short passes are for rookie QBs

December 21, 2014

Weird. So far, it looks like McCarthy is thinking of Rodgers as a rookie QB.

Get Rodgers involved now

December 21, 2014

I know running is the key today but I want Rodgers more involved here. Let him chuck one or two deep to keep that cheating secondary honest.

Rodgers hurt

December 21, 2014

Clearly – he got injured on his fumble play. Not good – though maybe it will sharpen his focus somehow.

Packers defense came to play!

December 21, 2014

Keep it up guys. Would be huge if our defense could take some of the pressure off of our suddenly weak offense.

This is another horrid start

December 21, 2014

Come on. How we start is so important to the outcome unfortunately because this team is simply not very good when we fall behind. Rodgers just doesn’t seem like himself again. Though there probably wasn’t much he could have done there, he just doesn’t look as dialed in as he normally does. Wake up Aaron.

Forgot Tampa’s offense is not bad

December 21, 2014

They have some decent personnel on offense with Evans, Jackson and Martin. And I think McCown is actually a decent QB. Good first stop by our D but I have a feeling suddenly that our D might have some trouble slowing down their offense come the second half (hopefully after we have a nice lead).

Not a good start

December 21, 2014

Come on McCarthy. We need better than that. I get it that running makes sense against a Lovie defense but that was a weak effort. We need to march down and score right away.

Packers/Bucs Preview

December 21, 2014
  • This is a game the Packers need to be 100% ready for. There is still plenty to play for. (I know I shouldn’t have ended the last 2 sentences in prepositions but don’t have enough time to do the whole “for which…” stuff.) McCarthy better make it clear that this is a hugely important game – without giving too much respect to a poor Tampa team. I still think that part of why Buffalo was able to hang in there and eventually pull out the win is that the Packers had TOO much respect for them. The truth is, the Packers are a WAY better team than the Bucs, and a much better team than Buffalo. So McCarthy has to bring OUR game to Tampa and not let Tampa dictate anything (as we allowed Buffalo to do).
  • I have tried to be worried about this game. I really have. But I just don’t think Rodgers can put up two clunkers in a row. No way that will happen. He was so frustrated with his play last week. Rodgers obsesses about his play and I believe, his stats. An incomplete pass is often enough to get him worked up. So I think we’ll see the real 2014 Rodgers today and Tampa won’t have a chance.
  • I expect a huge game from Lacy today as well. Tampa will try to drop guys into passing lanes to plug things up – something that Rodgers struggles with (and struggled with big-time last week). Hopefully McCarthy has realized that the answer to that is a robust running game, screens as well as taking some serious deep shots to spread that defense out some.
  • I don’t see this being a close game at all. Packers 43, Tampa 20.


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