Rodgers not cleared yet, but Cobb back


I didn’t expect Rodgers to be cleared just yet (though I do expect this by Friday or Saturday). But the other very positive news is that Cobb is back. I don’t know how far along he is – may not be able to play this week – but imagine if suddenly Rodgers and Cobb are back out on the field. That really would change the way I feel about Sunday’s game – because right now I think beating the Steelers could be pretty tough without these guys.

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One Response to “Rodgers not cleared yet, but Cobb back”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    This is should be a winnable game for the Packers.

    * The Steelers are 2-5 on the road this year, beating only the Jets and the Browns when Weeden had to come in towards the end of the 2nd quarter

    * The Steelers are also 1-7 when they give up 100+ yards rushing, so it seems like Lacy may be more of a factor than the Rodgers/Flynn situation.

    * Maybe Flynn is finally starting to gain a little confidence? I’d be more confident about this if he hadn’t looked so bad in the first half last Sunday. Still, I think this could still be a winnable game if Flynn gets another start.

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