What if the Detroit Lions…


About a decade ago, you might remember when the Detroit Lions went through one of the worst periods with regard to drafting players, in sports history. In the 2003 draft, with the #2 overall pick, they selected WR Charles Rogers from Michigan State. While I have to admit, the guy was one of college football’s all-time great WRs (he had the records/accolades to justify going early in the draft), as we know now, the decision to take Rogers ended up being a bad one…for a number of reasons. Chief among them were injury issues (2 broken clavicles in his first 2 years – he had a slight build so injury concerns should have been there), attitude and of course eventually, his off-field issues.

But the reason I call this to your attention now is that I just came across a fascinating fact. Do you know who was drafted at #3 in the 2003 draft? Andre Johnson. So, although things might have gone differently with Andre in there (perhaps more positively affecting the team’s fortunes), imagine if the self-sabotaging Lions had remained bad until 2007 – and then still drafted drafted Calvin Johnson. This is a long-winded way of getting around to the idea that Detroit could have had both Andre Johnson and Calvin Johnson. Imagine that. While they would have still needed a QB to get them the ball, the fact is, Randy Wright could have come out of retirement to throw the ball to those two. They would be such an undefendable duo that that scenario could have altered recent NFL history…again even with a mediocre QB and even if we are talking about the Lions here.


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